About Us

About Us

Odeum Produce Pty Ltd trading as Odeum Farms was established in 1988 by shareholder farmers who wanted to provide consistent quality produce whilst eliminating all non-essential links in the supply chain.

Odeum Farms, an Australian privately owned entity, is a grower based marketing joint venture designed to deliver value and optimal outcomes for both growing and retailing components of the supply chain.

Odeum Produce Pty Ltd is the parent company to Freshcorp Farms which supplies fresh produce to Western Australia’s food service industry.

Odeum is extremely proud of its farming heritage. The quality of our produce and our dedication to providing the very best in customer service is at the forefront of everything.

Working directly with farms also means we are reducing points of margin within the supply chain, delivering not only the freshest stock but also the most cost competitive in Western Australia.

Central to the success of Odeum is its ability to respond quickly and efficiently to changes within the fruit and vegetable industry. Odeum Farms co-ordinates plantings, production, harvesting, packing and delivering throughout Australia and the world.

Co-operative programming of supply volumes to meet retailer forecasts of consumer demand ensures that consistency of supply is maintained throughout the growing season.

Moreover, Odeum value adds through its extensive prepacking operation providing retailers with prepacked options from our farm production including private labelling.


Odeum’s vision is to be Western Australia’s leading fresh produce supplier within the lines we manage, consistently supplying superior quality fresh produce to customers across each of our distribution channels including wholesalers, retailers, export customers and the food service industry.


Odeum’s mission is to eliminate non-essential links within the fresh produce supply chain in order to deliver pristine fresh produce at the most competitive pricing available. Reducing non-essential components of the supply chain in the fresh produce industry is paramount in ensuring the quality of stock.

Odeum works directly with its farms in order to ensure the quality from the field until it’s in the hands of our customers.

Our Farms

Odeum’s farms are located throughout Western Australia in the Perth Metropolitan Region, Geraldton, Carnarvon, Kununurra and Broome. This geographical spread allows us to take advantage of Western Australia’s diverse climatic zones and grow many of our lines for 12 months of the year