Fresh Produce

Odeum Farms is a primary producer of a broad range of premium, fresh Australian produce lines.

Odeum is committed to growing, sourcing and supplying the very best fresh produce direct from our farms across Australia. This enables Odeum to offer consistently superior quality produce while reducing unnecessary components in the supply chain in order to deliver the most competitive pricing.


Odeum Farms is committed to supplying safe fruit and vegetables of the highest quality to our customers while providing exceptional service. Our dedicated team has invested time and resources in finding and developing strong relationships and partnerships with top quality growers to ensure we consistently deliver best quality.

Our Farms

Odeum’s farms are located throughout Western Australia in the Perth Metropolitan Region, Geraldton, Carnarvon and Kununurra. This geographical spread allows us to take advantage of Western Australia’s diverse climatic zones and grow many of our lines for 12 months of the year