Snow Peas

Sugar Snaps

Planning is already underway for the programming of our local Snow Pea and Sugar Snap season which will commence in early May.

This year we will be growing 50% of our older Snow Pea variety and 50% of a new and exclusive variety, which we trialed last season on a smaller scale with much success. The new variety has a bigger yield, does not curl or puff up as the older variety does and they look superb. The new variety is clean, bright green, crisp and sweet. The new variety sell themselves simply put.

This season our farms will be growing these lines on a scale, bigger than before with increased demand and positive feedback we have experienced over the seasons.

We will also be stepping up our prepack range with new ideas on packaging and labelling.              So stay tuned, as there will be a few exciting things to look forward to, in the near future!