Roast Pumpkin Salad

Pumpkin Bread

We have a lot of new season pumpkin available in all of the three main varieties. (Butternut, Jarrahdale and Kent) Although it is a bit hot at the moment to be having roasts and soups, prices are extremely cheap and pumpkins can be roasted and put into salads for an interesting side dish, or put into casseroles. Perhaps even some pumpkin chips, or bake a loaf of bread!

Local Red Onions are available now and it will be a very strong season for them with plenty of volume and top quality. We have a new variety (red wing) that has been a very successful red onion in other growing regions but not previously grown in WA. This variety is rich and bright in colour and grows to an even consistent size making for great displays on the shelf.

Very nice Pineapples are coming through regularly again now and they have been very sweet to eat. Demand is strong though and pre-ordering at the moment is essential.