Odeum Farms supply of Snow Peas and Sugar Snaps from our Marijinup and Nowgerup farms in WA has now come to an end. We have experienced an extended season as the hotter days have come on late this year. Odeum Farms have regular supply of peas throughout the year and during these warmer months ours peas come from the Victorian region where it is cooler.

We will be sourcing our peas from the Victorian farms for the next few months to fill the seasonal gap. Growing conditions are perfect at this time of the year for peas in the Victoria region and quality is superb. Our grower has invested in state of the art sanitizing and cooling facilities on site which will result in even better quality than last years harvest. Enjoy the crisp sweet crunch of a snow pea in a salad or in a stir-fry during the hot summer months ahead of us.
Our local season will commence from April and end towards the middle of November next year.