The first of the Carnarvon Rockmelons and Gold Honeydews will be available from mid November.

Good volume of top quality Seedless Watermelon from Broome is coming through now, with the season expected to run through until Christmas.

The Waneroo Strawberry season is coming to a end, with supply expected to last until the end of November at the latest.

Gold Sweet Potato supply will be light for the next two weeks, as our farm moves into the next plantings, we should be back to more consistent supply by the end of November.

Red Sweet Potato supply is still very light.

Pineapple supply is starting to pick up with the northern areas of Queensland coming on.

Local Garlic will be available from Odeum towards the end of November through until the end of January.

All Pumpkin varities are going to remain in short supply until after Christmas. Supply will be available but the price will remain high until the local season kicks in. Shortages have been due to a strong Australia wide demand and major growing regions in Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland falling short on their yields.