Agriculture is one of the largest industries in Australia; it provides many jobs and is the second biggest income generator for the economy.

While Western Australia’s Agricultural Industry is not as large as other States, we do have an exceptionally high pest and disease free status, allowing us to attain very high prices for our produce around the world. If we were to lose this Clean Green Status due to the incursion of pest and disease the impact on our economy would be huge. The cost to the community in job losses would be substantial, not only directly on the farms but also down to the transport industry and other industries which survive in part on agriculture.

Quarantine WA actively protects Western Australia’s agriculture, environment and lifestyle by conducting inspections for quarantine risk material at entry points for private travellers and commercial clients arriving from interstate.

The Entry points include Road checkpoints located at Eucla – on the Southern border of Western Australia and South Australia and Kununurra – in the State’s North between Western Australia and Northern Territory. The Road Checkpoints record movement of goods and notify of any Quarrantine Risk Material (QRM).

Quarantine WA Inspectors and Detector Dogs are based at the Perth Domestic Airport to ensure no passengers bring in QRM. Inspectors are also on duty to meet passenger flights arriving from the Eastern States at both Karratha, Broome and Kalgoorlie.

In excess of 200 000 freight containers enter Western Australia annually.  All containers must be accompanied by a freight declaration. Declarations are forwarded to the Rail and Sea freight Department to make assessments on whether the contents are of Quarantine Concern. If the contents are of concern, an Order into Quarantine Notice is issued to inform the transporter and importer of where the container is to be directed for Quarantine Inspection.

Quarantine Risk Material includes:                                          

  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Honey
  • Animals & Insects
  • Soil
  • Used Fruit & Vegetable Cartons
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Hay/Fodder
  • Wool / Animal Hides
  • Plants & Cut Flowers
  • Used Vehicles
  • Used Horticulture & Ag. Machinery