Cyclone Debbie has caused major damage to Bowen in Queensland which is one of the major producers of Capsicum and Tomatoes for Australia. It is estimated that the Bowen region contributes more than $450 million to the $9 billion Australian horticulture sector, which is the fastest growing sector in the agriculture industry. Tomatoes alone account for $160 million, with the Bowen region producing 90% of Australia’s fresh tomatoes. Capsicums chip in $104 million to the industry, with the region again producing 95% of the country’s intake.

The extra rain Queensland and NSW have received from Cyclone Debbie will dramatically effect supply and quality of Ginger and Sweet Potato which has already been effected by extra rainfall recently. Sweet Potato and Ginger supply will be effected immediately with Tomatoes and Capsicum shortages in the coming months.