Kentucky Stringless Beans

Our handpicked Kentucky Blue Beans have had an exceptional season in Carnarvon thus far, with superb young, straight quality beans produced as the result. They have been grown in virgin soil this year and have not had a fertilizer of any form touch them. They have been grown organically, however have not been certified as organic. We have decided to finish the season 2 months earlier than originally programmed to avoid the harsh Carnarvon summer heat and rather, bring forward our local programming in Wannnero by 2 months in order to maintain the quality and success we achieved in Carnarvon thus far.

Kentucky Blue Bean cropsKentucky Blue Bean Crops







Cherry & Grape Tomatoes

On inspection of the mid season crops, the bushes are looking healthy and the fruit is coming on superbly with excellent quality fruit forming in decent sized clumps on the vine. I am confident we will see the rest of the season out with consistency in both quality and supply until the local Wanneroo season kicks in around November to December.

Cherry Tomatoes on the trussCherry Tomato rows





Above: Kentucky Blue Bean crops                                     Above: Cherry Tomato rows