With the local grape & cherry tomato season out of the Wanneroo & Carrabooda region nearing it’s end I prompted myself to fly to Carnarvon for a day trip to see first hand how the new season tomatoes were progressing and to make sure everything was on track for a smooth transition between the seasons.

We use 3 different farms for the Winter season all of which are contract growers we have built long term relationships with.

New Season Cherry Tomatoes

From what I could see and the information I gathered in the region, there are fewer cherry and grapes being planted this year on other farms in relation to last year. We have also reduced our plantings by a small percentage in comparison to last season however it is evident that a big portion of farmers have not programmed any in at all for this year.

On inspection of the crops, I expect the first pick of cherry tomatoes to start coming through in approximately 2 weeks time. There is fruit visible but it still needs to ripen up. This year we will also not have the usual problem with larger fruit which is common with the first pick, as we have planted using the 2 stem method which keeps the fruit the perfect size. We have also planted using the 1 stem method to allow perfect sized fruit on last pick when the fruit gets up the bush, as 2 stem method fruit tends to become too small later on.

Grape tomatoes are still 4 weeks away until first pick. We have used the same technique to grow our grape tomatoes as we have done with our cherry tomatoes.

Overall I am happy with how things are looking. Everything looks in place and controlled, and most importantly the fruit looks superb!